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MultiTaction: An “out of the box” exhibition experience

A ​MultiTaction technology set-up can boost content in an interactive and easy-to-use manner, creating a memorable experience for the user.

With the current demand for companies to differentiate themselves, a selected few have already decided to up their game on exhibitions and events by using a MultiTaction technology set-up.

B·U·T is currently the only company in the UAE which offers a MultiTaction technology set-up for rental. MultiTaction screens can be used in different ways to display and navigate content this flexibility is what makes it so versatile.

B·U·T was approached by four leading companies looking for innovative ways users could interact with their content. The below projects were successfully produced using MultiTaction technology.

Content Shortcuts

STC exhibited at an event in Riyadh, using MultiTaction technology to present their IOT and Smart Cities service portfolio. An interactive 3D map of Riyadh was created and displayed on a 4-meter-wide LED screen. 3D printed buildings and flags were placed on a MultiTaction screen indicating the various points of interest. The flags were used as shortcuts to locations on the 3D map on the LED screen. When a flag was placed on an activation area on the MultiTaction screen, the camera in the presentation would move to the related location and show a content scenario.

Content Information

Nakheel showcased their new property developments at the region’s largest property exhibition. The MultiTaction interactive screen was set up with a satellite map of Dubai. Visitors could pick and place a puck with the logo of the desired project anywhere on the screen. Information related to the project was displayed around the puck.

Content Navigation

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) required a presentation explaining their oil and gas value chain, showing how they get the best out of their feedstock. A 3D model of various oil refineries was created and paired with an interactive MultiTaction screen. A glass puck was as a navigation tool. By rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise the user was able to scroll through the 3D model and open information pop-up panels.

Content Comparison

For the smart retail area in the GITEX exhibition stand of Etisalat, MultiTaction technology was used to create a product comparison table. Markers were placed on several mobile devices which the users could place on the screen surface and get the phone specifications. A touch menu was also available for users to get additional information (colours, tech specs and movies). Two phones could be placed next to each other showing comparison data on the screen.

As seen through these examples, MultiTaction technology can be used as a versatile presentation tool to showcase various projects and products (if a picture delivers a thousand words, MultiTaction will speak for itself).

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MultiTaction: An “out of the box” exhibition experience
MultiTaction: An “out of the box” exhibition experience
MultiTaction: An “out of the box” exhibition experience

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