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Webinar production services

From simple speech to full-blown web-tv studio production, we provide all required services to get your message across the web professionally and effectively. From technical studio infrastructure and streaming to the production of support material such as business graphics, animations and pre-recorded video sequences.

Efficient corporate communications

The range of webinar applications is much broader than a typical CEO address or a remote training session. Webinars can replace product introductions, internal communications events, interactive sessions on market developments or sales strategies… in short, every one-way or two-way communications session that benefits from visual content and broad regional or global distribution.

Beyond the talking head

A well prepared webinar is scripted and tries to visualize and illustrate some of the content with pre-recorded graphics, animations and/or video sequences. Viewers expect to be fascinated, not bored. Our creative teams can design and prepare an attractive look&feel for the webinar and all the multimedia ingredients that add value to the experience.

Technology mix

We can provide for the full experience, from studio shoot to live production and web streaming. Interactive features for the audience can be integrated, such as live chat, live quizzes and direct online feedback.

Post-event deliverables

The webinar is archived and can be made available globally, or to a restricted audience, via all the required channels. We can provide for translations and subtitles and remixed versions. If the webinar is the lead-in of a broader campaign, we can build the accompanying tools, such as a microsite or mobile app.

Webinar services
Webinar services
Webinar services